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The Space

What was The Space?

It was a “space” that changed your mind about yourself, others and the world.

A unique learning environment to acquire the tools and capacities to develop wiser, more effective ways of being, functioning and leading in a complex world.


Why would you have been involved?

You would have been involved in The Space because:

  • You were looking for a space to express your thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears and aspirations about the things that impacted your life.

  • You wanted to connect with others who were grappling with similar issues and you wanted to be challenged and supported.

  • You wanted to explore more deeply the issues that continued to trip you up and prevent you from moving forward.

  • You felt out of sync with the world around you and the values it promoted.


What did The Space offer participants?

The Space gave participants access to discussions, thinking, practices, wisdom and community.


What kind of discussions took place in The Space?

We discussed how to:

  • Dis-embed from the limitations of one's thoughts, emotions, motivations and desires.

  • Build new mental models for leadership, love, power, pain, money, authenticity, success, and many more.


What kind of people joined The Space?

People who joined The Space were:

  • Open and ready to explore more deeply the issues that affected their lives.

  • Visionary and action oriented and wanted to express their dreams and passions.

  • Wanted to connect with others who were also challenging themselves.

Who were the founding members of The Space?

Emeli Paulo

Title: Co - Founder at X Tribe

Summary of Initiative
X Tribe was established to unleash the potential of all women – all ages and from all walks of life. The X Tribe was dedicated to connecting every woman, via a tribal network where all skills, resources and ideas could be shared and celebrated at workshops, events and online national awareness campaigns.


Will Emmett

Title: CEO of Left Right 

Summary of Initiative
Left Right was a non-partisan youth-led think-tank that developed policy in consultation with young people. The organisation focused on long term solutions to the most pressing issues facing Australia.

James Spittal

Title: CEO of Merspi

Summary of Initiative
Merspi was an “Online School” and a new model/complete paradigm shift in education.


Stephanie Tipping

Title: Author – My Agender

Summary of Initiative
My Agender is a collection of personal stories which explore the interplay between gender and sexuality.

David Dixon & Chantelle Baxter

Title: Co-Founders of One Girl

Summary of Initiative
One Girl is a non-profit organisation that invests in women and girls through education and economic empowerment.

The learning circles offered in The Space are no longer available.

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