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Earth at night was holding in human hand


"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."

- Rumi 13th Century

At no other time in history is it more important that we are prepare the world’s leaders with the capacities to envision and build new global systems when the systems as we know them no longer serve.”  - Victoria Wilding


The planet’s global visionaries are seeking wisdom and support relevant to these times.


Being helped by someone who not only connects with you but also the challenges you face can enable you to think of your roadblocks as opportunities to be conquered. This can help you engender the habit of seeing eventual triumph as being implicit in every challenge you face on your journey to becoming the planetary visionary you are destined to be. 


Who do I work with?

I work with cultural visionaries, planetary influencers, intentional evolutionaries, business and government leaders, change agents and innovators, entrepreneurs and transformational thinkers across continents, nations, industries and communities

What experience do I bring to mentoring?

  • Twenty-five years’ experience in senior executive positions in global organisations and five years’ experience as a management consultant providing leadership training, consulting and mentoring services to CEOs, Boards of Directors and senior executives of global firms.

  • Over twenty-five years’ experience in human development and potential assisting business, government and community leaders to consciously develop the social, emotional and cognitive capacities to make the impact they desire.

  • Founder and CEO of the SHIFT Foundation which focussed on the training and development of the world’s future leaders.

  • Convened the “The Space” a unique learning environment for visionaries to acquire the tools and capacities to develop more effective ways of being, functioning and leading in a complex world.

  • Developed the “Higher Mind Initiative” online training program designed to develop meta-systemic cognition, the requisite thinking for leaders in the 21st Century.

  • Co -developed “The Program” which trained vertical development across social, emotional and cognitive domains.

  • Developed the “Evolutionary Accelerator” to assist global visionaries showcase an initiative with the capacity to intentionally evolve an existing or emerging system.

  • Member of multiple international networks of leading thinkers and practitioners including the Interdevelopmental Institute, Global Leadership Network, Growth Edge Network and Tallberg Alumni.

  • Personal and professional connections and networks across multiple fields and disciplines internationally.

  • Over thirty years of personal development and training in the Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Stages Theory, IDM Constructive Developmental Framework, Robert Kegan’s Constructive Developmental Theory, Unified Field Theory, Evolutionary Worldview, Conscious Evolution, Systems Theory, Theory of Self-Organisation.

  • Specialist expertise in getting to the core of existing thinking, illuminating how it is limiting and then building new perspectives and solutions for personal and professional growth.

  • An extensive body of knowledge in consciousness, evolution, higher cognition, complexity and leadership combined with an extensive understanding of business and world affairs.

Book Free Introductory Session

If you wish to arrange an introductory session, I encourage you to use the link below to book in a time.

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