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Global Systems Architects

The Global Systems Architects Incubator provides a mentoring program for visionaries with ideas and insights that contribute to building a more unified, equitable and sustainable planet.


During the incubator program you will:

  • Work one-on-one to co-creatively and generatively bring your ideas and insights into the world.

  • Develop a coherence whereby the pace, rhythm and structure of your incubator experience unfolds in alignment with your own deeper wisdom.

  • Be met wherever you want to take your ideas and insights.

  • Have your attention moved around in ways that allow you to see your ideas and insights in a whole new light.

  • Have the freedom to craft the incubation process in coherence with your own unique needs and wishes.

  • Have access to the expertise, experience and skills to guide and support you through the four stages in the incubation process.

  • Be asked to submit a short questionnaire prior to commencing the incubation process.

  • Be provided with a one-page document that outlines details of the mentoring arrangement.

The Incubation Process

First Stage - Understanding your Idea

  • Gain clarity about what you really want to create

  • Discover how to align what you wish to create with your deeper knowing and purpose

  • Understand that to scale up visionary ideas and insights you need to be free from the limitations of your habitual thinking and emotions

  • Learn to transcend and integrate the things that have blocked you in bringing your idea into the world

  • Understand the mindset to devise, develop and deliver your visionary ideas and insights to the world

Thinking of Ideas

Second Stage - Shaping Your Idea

  • Begin to shape your idea into a vision

  • Gain greater clarity as to the form and structure of your vision

  • Tap into your deepest resources of awareness and creativity to bring forth your visionary idea and insights

  • Learn that for a vision to emerge and take form requires patience, trust and discernment

Team Talk

Third Stage - Building Your Vision

  • Build a clear vision for your idea

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of what forces influence the birth of an idea - the dynamics, underlying patterns and systems

  • Develop a case for your vision

  • Build the skills that will enable you to develop strategies that are effective for realising your visionary goals and making the impact you desire

  • Gain clarity on how to communicate, cost, monetise and resource your vision

Writing on Glass

Fourth Stage - Releasing Your Vision

  • Discover how to make the world aware of your vision

  • Learn how to engage individuals, networks and organisations to partner, support and share your vision

  • Understand how to tap into generative spaces where creativity, innovation, critical thinking and imagination can keep your vision relevant, alive and sustainable

  • Learn how to release, share, test and accelerate your ideas with like-minded others

Live Show Recording

The Global Systems Architects Participants


The Global Systems Architects Incubator is designed for cultural visionaries, planetary influencers, intentional evolutionaries, business and government leaders, change agents and innovators, entrepreneurs and transformational thinkers who have an idea to transform the following:

Book Free Introductory Session

If you are interested in having a conversation to explore what has brought us together to bring your idea or insight forward then I encourage you to arrange a FREE session by clicking below.

  • I feel I have something bigger than myself to share with the world and I don’t know what it is.
    Many people experience a feeling of something wanting to be expressed through them. It is common for people to ignore the feeling because they can’t make sense of it, express it or don’t feel free to share it with others.
  • I am overwhelmed by a drive to make a difference in the world and I don’t know where to start
    It is common to be easily overwhelmed by your big idea. It helps to have someone who can break your big idea down into manageable bite size chunks and help you find a starting point.
  • I believe if only I could find the wisdom and guidance I could make a difference in the world
    To bring a big idea into the world takes a willingness to recognise that you don’t have all the answers. You will be challenged and tested along the way but your courage to be open to the wisdom and guidance from others will serve you every step of the way.
  • I have tried so many times to express my big ideas and it feels like no one is listening
    There will be a number of reasons why it will feel like no one is listening. It could be that your idea is so big or new it is difficult for people to understand or grasp what you are describing. You may have a worldview that they are unable to resonate with. Your mindset may challenge their current perspectives.
  • I know I have a contribution to make to the world/humanity but I don’t know how to express what it is
    To describe an idea that hasn’t yet found mainstream acceptance requires the patient art of bridging language so that the essence of the idea is not diluted and its intent remains clear.
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