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Symplicitus trains senior executives in meta-systemic thinking. Critical to the achievement of successful business solutions, meta-systemic thinking is vital if the business leaders of today and tomorrow are to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.


Meta-systemic thinking enables executives to analyse, model, and understand the interrelating systems – social, political, governmental and economic – affecting business today.


Such thinking is more comprehensive and fluid than the linear, rational logic of analytical thinking which produces only limited conclusions, viewed in isolation rather than as part of the complex systems surrounding any given issue. It is essential executives understand that another mode of perceiving and processing information exists as a means to navigating complexity.


Let’s say an executive has devised a strategic plan, but his attempts to introduce it are subverted by a handful of senior managers whose primary interest is to “protect their patch.” Thwarted from within, the executive is frustrated and at a stalemate. Often what he or she is unable to see is that the managers are operating within a system that rewards them for protecting their patch. In this case, the system actually places them in opposition to the interests of the organisation as a whole.


Or perhaps a CEO exhorts the value of a culture that innovates and takes risks, but is unable to see that the system in which its employees operate in fact does not incentivise risk and innovation.


Systemic thinkers can see such connections to factors outside the immediate operating environment that create complexity. Their thought process is fluid and far-reaching, comprehending that external systems are in constant flux, requiring businesses to achieve the same state of adaptability. Consequently, systemic thinkers can predict outcomes and foresee opportunities others cannot – and shift strategies accordingly.


Symplicitus demonstrates just how essential meta-systemic thinking is to future professional success. Providing greater insight and resourcefulness, meta-systemic thinking sets executives apart and places them at the leading edge of leadership development.

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