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The Evolutionary with David Knox: Victoria Wilding Part 1: Accelerating Evolution

Updated: May 11, 2021

David Knox: "Victoria Wilding is an Evolutionary Activist with a particular interest in advancing human development. Her focus is on the development of a new level of psychological management and its importance to the future of humanity. She believes humanity needs to consciously and intentionally develop their social, emotional and cognitive capacities to affect sustainable change. As an advocate for the advancement of human development and the evolutionary worldview, Victoria has dedicated the past twenty years to training and mentoring change makers, influencers and business leaders through her role as Founder and CEO of the SHIFT Foundation, and Victoria Wilding Consulting and through her former  consulting business, Symplicitus. In the past ten years she co-founded the Higher Mind Initiative and co-developed something called “The Program” with John Stewart, author of “Evolution’s Arrow.” and “The Evolutionary Manifesto”  She offers an extensive body of knowledge in consciousness, higher cognition, complexity and leadership.

Victoria’s most recent project is the Evolutionary Accelerator. She brings to the project a strong belief that intentional evolution is core to the sustainability of life on Earth. She sees the Evolutionary Accelerator playing a part in moving the conversation from theory into action by focussing on the development of practical, tangible and worthwhile projects for advancing evolution."

To listen to Part 1 of 3 of my guest appearance on The Evolutionary podcast with David Knox, you can find it on Spotify or click below:

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