The world needs visionary leaders.

Are you ready to meet the challenge of becoming one of tomorrow’s global change-makers?

Revolutionary Leadership Mentoring is a structured program spanning 10 months. Many people who yearn to become global visionaries and change agents are limited by their existing cognitive processes, which make it a struggle for them to bring their radical insights, ideas and visions to life. Revolutionary Leadership Mentoring equips the visionary leaders of tomorrow with a whole new level of thinking which empowers them to achieve the impact they desire to make in the world.

What is unique about Revolutionary Leadership Mentoring?

There is currently no other systematic approach anywhere in the world that supports training cognitive capacity to master complexity. There are other programs that can inform you about complex systems and provide some insights into them, but they do not teach you the thinking skills that would enable you to arrive at those insights yourself. This program equips you with the ability to think on a sufficiently advanced level to conceptualize complex systems in their entirety, and generate your own meaningful conclusions about them.

What are participants provided with?

Revolutionary Leadership Mentoring is focused on the development of skills rather than on the provision of knowledge. A participant’s progress hinges largely on the insights, visions and ideas that they bring to the course, including the outcomes of experiential exercises. To reinforce and augment their learning, participants also have access to the following resources.

  • Email support whenever required
  • Declarative knowledge to ground their experiences
  • Meditation-like practice which can be utilized in the midst of daily life
  • Experiential homework exercises
  • Group sessions with other participants
  • Subject-matter experts to share wisdom

How do I become a participant?

The full program costs AU$4690, or three partial payments of AU$1630 each. PayPal details will be provided on request.

  • Prior to commencing the program, you can arrange a free strategy call with Victoria to explore whether Revolutionary Leadership Mentoring is the best path towards achieving your goals.
  • If you decide the program will empower you to take your ambitions as a change-maker to the next level, one-on-one mentoring sessions will be held on a fortnightly basis.
  • Sessions are 90 minutes in duration, and take place online (for example via Skype or Zoom) unless it is practical for you and Victoria to meet in person.

Take the first step by emailing Victoria ( or by visiting the Contact page.