The Higher Mind Initiative

The central goal of the Higher Mind Initiative is to advance human development.  A key focus is on the development of higher cognitive and social-emotional capacities.  We see these as being essential if humanity is to deal effectively with the complex challenges facing us.  We believe current ways of thinking and being are incapable of solving the complex environmental, social, economic and political problems that are troubling the planet.

The spread of these higher capacities across humanity will constitute the Second Enlightenment.  This will build upon the First Enlightenment that emerged around the 1700s in which rational thinking, science and industrialisation were born.

In pursuit of this goal, key actions for the Higher Mind Initiative are to:

  • Identify the higher capacities that will constitute the next great steps forward in the development of humanity and that will enable the Second Enlightenment

  • Investigate and develop the techniques, practices, and educational approaches that can best develop these capacities in individuals

  • Develop strategies that will accelerate the spread of these capacities across humanity


Activities undertaken by the Higher Mind Initiative include:

  • Thought leadership in relation to all aspects of The Second Enlightenment

  • Theory about human development and how development can be facilitated

  • Practices and approaches that develop and transmit higher cognition and social-emotional capacities, including their use by members of the initiative

  • Interventions that catalyse the spread of higher capacities

  • Organising dialogue meetings, workshops, seminars

  • Promoting and publishing material relating to its goals and their achievement

As a next step in its activities, the Higher Mind Initiative is convening a series of dialogue meetings that will address the issues associated with the three key actions that will be undertaken by the initiative.

Outcomes of the dialogue meetings will be shared on the Higher Mind Initiative website: