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Event Facilitation

"The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind."

- Rumi 13th Century

Bringing small groups of 6-8 like-minded passionate Intentional Evolutionaries together to create strategies and practical actions to advance evolution on earth.


This is an opportunity to connect with other individuals in the Intentional Evolutionary "tribe" and share your projects, ideas, and questions with each other.


Higher Mind Initiative

Higher Mind is an opportunity for individuals across all disciplines and cultures who are interested in working together with others to identify and progress higher capacities that will constitute the next great steps forward in the development of humanity.


Small groups of 6-8 individuals meet for 90 minutes each month to explore the higher cognitive and social-emotional capacities required to advance human development.

Global Systems Architects


Global Systems Architects is an opportunity for individuals who are interested in envisioning how the planet needs to be organised so that the interests of individuals, corporations and nations are aligned with the interests of the global society as a whole. 

Small groups of 6-8 individuals who have a systemic understanding of how the world works meet for 90 minutes each month to explore how our planetary civilisation can move beyond the limited models that have created the current planetary crises and envision and build new models.