Karl Johnson – Assistant Dean Executive Education – Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, USA

Victoria was recently invited to participate in a Global Leadership Network study of transformative change practitioners. It was through this study that I had the pleasure of experiencing her innovative and expansive perspective as she continually stretched the boundaries of this group’s thought. Her’s is a rare wisdom that combines global shifting foresight with deep practical experience.

Benny Callaghan – Strategic Planning Professional – Nonprofit Futures, Australia

I would highly recommend Victoria as an Executive or Professional Coach for anyone willing to really challenge themselves and move to a place of greater effectiveness in life and work. Her process is highly intuitive and she gets straight to the heart of what is going on and helps me collapse blockages and hidden drivers that are holding me back. Every coaching session is very different, addressing real and timely issues I am facing. I have walked away from our sessions with greater clarity, confidence and courage to make tough decisions, while coming from a place of deeper compassion.

Peter Burow – CEO Neuropower, Australia

Victoria is a charismatic presenter and coach. Her insight into leadership, management and strategy has provided me with a brilliant basis for my career. Her ability to communicate complex ideas in a way that is both understandable and practical has to be seen to be believed. I recommend her without hesitation.

Michael Margolis – Business Storyteller, Teacher, Community – Builder, USA

Working with Victoria is a powerful and courageous ride into the future of human leadership. She carries a bold yet deep knowing about global convergence and its implications on the broadest level. I’m thrilled to see her continue to frame the conversation and build learning platforms that serve these evolutionary times.

Dan Ednie Lockett – Television Presenter, China

Victoria has been my personal mentor for the last three years and in that period of time I’ve felt myself develop in to the kind of person I wanted to be. When coming back to Melbourne recently for two weeks after being away for a full year, I thought about who I wanted to prioritize, and checking in with Victoria was the first one. Developing a career is more than just achievements and sales, it’s the accumulation of emotional knowledge and the ability to see the forest from the trees, step outside of the immediate surroundings, the day to day organisational tasks and emails and meetings, and understand what is the point, and how to get there. Every time I’ve met with Victoria she’s helped me process the experiences I’ve had and how to improve myself – she’s shown me how to discern the key aspects of human relations, and how to manage the complexity of having an exciting rewarding career in the midst of living a full and happy life.

Peter Spence – Programs Manager, Victorian Institute of Sport, Australia 

I participated in a 10-week pilot of The Program in 2013 designed and facilitated by Victoria and found it to be very valuable. It enabled me to recognise the limitations of my traditional thinking and offered ways to disembed from its constraints. I found that the processes introduced in The Program enabled me to utilise my innate capacities more effectively, to sense my surroundings more deeply and to perceive and think openly and thoroughly. In effect, The Program enabled me to connect and to operate in a way that seems more akin to the flow state and being in the zone, to which many high performing performers and sportspeople refer.